Vous écoutez Valparaiso, un chant de marins traditionnel pendant le chargement du site sur Grandcamp, village et port de Normandie.
Listen to VALPARAISO, a traditional sea shanty, as the site on Grandcamp, a village and port in Normandy, is being loaded.

Grandcamp is a quiet village on the coast of Normandy and an active fishing port, between the D-Day landing beaches of Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. While scallops and fresh fish are the main catches of the fishing fleet, shrimp is also caught on foot in the flat rocks uncovered at low tide.

Located near the Pointe du Hoc, and home of the Rangers Museum, Grandcamp has been adopted by the World War 2 Rangers as their " home away from home".

As a Grandcopais who moved away a long time ago, and An American who adopted Grandcamp, we dedicate these pages to all the people of Grandcamp who have made their village a pleasant place where we love to come back.

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